Antigua Guatemala Weather

Weather in Antigua Guatemala

Thinking  about traveling to Guatemala? Then you better be mindful of seasons and where you’ll be spending time. For a country roughly the size of Tennessee, Guatemala’s climate has a lot of variety. It’s not the tropical jungle Hollywood portrays whenever the setting happens to be in Central America. Antigua Guatemala is located on the highlands and its temperature is much cooler than say, the coast for example, which is usually hot, or the northern areas of the department of Peten, where sweltering heat and humidity is considered normal.


As a whole, Guatemala has two seasons: Winter, or “invierno“, which is characterized by rain and runs from May through mid-November and dry season, or “verano” (summer), which runs from November to April. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that the dry season is time for flip-flops and t-shirts. In Antigua, while days can be hot and sunny, nighttime can get very chilly, especially during the months of December and January, when temperatures can dip to the low 50 degrees.


So our advice is: if you’re going to be here during rainy season, bring a light rain jacket. If here for winter, a warm sweater will come in handy during frosty nights. We’ll have a cup of hot chocolate waiting for you.


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