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Santa Ines del Monte Procession

Procession Santa Ines Antigua Guatemala
For males participating in a procession, the attire is a hooded purple tunic. For females, a black or white dress with a white veil.

In Antigua Guatemala, you can always tell when Holy Week dates are getting nearer. The processions are bigger, for one. Alfombras (sawdust carpets) get bigger and more elaborate. And there’s a noticeable swell in crowd numbers.

Last week, I was at Santa Ines del Monte Pulciano (Santa Ines, as locals call it), to witness the week’s biggest procession. The alfombras were the best I’ve seen so far – and I’ve seen some good ones this season.

Instead of creating a post, I’ve decided to make this a slideshow gallery – comments are embedded under each picture, so start with whichever photo you like best.


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