Antigua Guatemala’s Coffee Tours, Teas and Chocolate: 2018 Guide


    Antigua Guatemala is very much linked to coffee, both in tradition and culturally. Antigua’s resurgence is due in part to its abundance of fertile volcanic soil, which is suitable for growing coffee beans.

    Today, you can’t walk half a block without stumbling into yet another coffee shop – great news for coffee-lovers. Even Starbucks has its special brand of Antigua Guatemala coffee for sale – check it out here.

    In addition to great coffee shops, you can go on informative tours of Antigua’s coffee plantations, which are listed below. Did you know that the Mayans discovered chocolate? In Antigua, you can taste the original chocolate drinks that so enthralled visiting Europeans. Learn below where to find the most authentic chocolate in town.

    Coffee Shops in Antigua Guatemala

    coffee, antigua guatemala

    Antigua Guatemala is a coffee lover’s paradise

    Everyone here has their favorite coffeehouse and barista. However, you won’t go wrong if you start your search for the perfect cup in any of the excellent cafés in town. In no order of preference, check out:

    Bella Vista Cafe

    6a Avenida Norte #1

    The coffee bar is on the first floor, but they have a huge terrace on the third floor with great views of nearby volcanoes.

    The Refuge Coffee Bar

    7a Avenida Norte #18A

    Recently spruced up, Refuge has been carefully roasting and serving their coffee for years to faithful patrons. You’ll smell the wonderful roasting beans from half a block away.

    Gato Gordo/Fat Cat

    4a Calle Oriente #14A

    These two brothers have made a name for themselves by serving quality coffee for a while now.

    Cafe Boheme

    5a Calle Poniente #12B

    Unassuming place, Boheme has great coffee at a good price.


    6a Avenida Sur #1

    Coffee and dessert at Ganache, antigua guatemala

    Coffee and dessert at Ganache

    One of the prettiest coffee shops in Antigua, as it has a French flair and pastel colors to match. Go here if you’d like to pair up your coffee with an incredible dessert.

    GuateJava Roastery

    6a Calle Poniente #26

    Sitting on the corner of 6a Calle and 7a Avenida, this small shop invites visitors to linger, and people watch.

    Fernando’s Kaffee

    7a Avenida Norte & Callejón Camposeco

    A little bit out of the way, Fernando will reward those persistent enough to find him with excellent coffee, which he carefully selects and roasts on site.

    Cafe Condessa Express

    5a Avenida – Across from Parque Central

    If you need a quick cup of coffee, there’s no reason to enter the restaurant. Just pop in next door, to their small coffee counter. Condessa brews strong coffee and opens at 6 a.m.

    Casa Blanca Gastropub

    5a Avenida Sur #13

    Casa Blanca Gastropub

    Great iced drinks at Casa Blanca

    If you like iced-coffee drinks, this is the place to visit. I highly recommend their Dirty Chai (spiced chai + espresso). Their courtyard is huge, and they have a lovely terrace you’ll often have to yourself, as very few people know about it.

    El Portal – 5a Avenida

    Across from Parque Central

    A popular expat hangout, they serve good coffee as well. Sit on a stool at the counter, and people watch – as close to a sidewalk cafe as you’ll see in Antigua.

    La Parada

    6a Avenida and 1a Calle

    La Parada coffee shop in Antigua Guatemala

    La Parada coffee shop in Antigua Guatemala

    Recently expanded, La Parada has inexpensive, quality coffee, and a limited assortment of croissants and cold sandwiches – good WiFi too.

    Coffee Tours in Antigua Guatemala

    For those wishing to go beyond enjoying a good cup of coffee, I recommend taking a coffee plantation tour.

    Filadelfia Coffee Plantation

    Finca Filadelfia Unimog Shuttle

    Free rides to Finca Filadelfia in this cool truck

    Reachable from Carretera San Felipe to Jocotenango, Finca Filadelfia has in-depth tours, showing you all the stages of coffee production, from plant to cup. You can catch Filadelfia’s cool, green Unimog shuttles in front of Capuchinas Convent (2a Avenida Norte & 2a Calle Oriente) every day at 8:20 am, 10:20 am and 1:20 pm and at the ruins of San Jose El Viejo (5a Avenida Sur & 8a Calle) at 8:30 am, 10:30 am and 1:30 pm.

    The shuttle ride is free whether you want to take a coffee tour or visit one of their restaurants. For connoisseurs, they offer professional coffee tastings and latte-art workshops.

    De La Gente Tours

    De La Gente will give you an inside look at the working conditions of Guatemalan coffee farmers, among other fascinating cultural experiences.

    Chocolate Shops in Antigua Guatemala

    Mayans introduced chocolate to Europeans, and the town of San Juan del Obispo offers some of the best examples of Mayan chocolate in Guatemala. Visit the town for an opportunity to see artisanal chocolatiers at work and even take part in making authentic chocolate.

    For a fun experience – especially for kids – visit ChocoMuseo, (4a Calle Oriente #14 – 502-7832-4520), an international chain dedicated to selling and teaching all things chocolate.

    Tea Shops in Antigua Guatemala

    Last, but not least, visit Samsara (6a Calle Poniente #33 & 3a Calle Oriente #35). They have a wide selection of teas and funky atmosphere.


    What’s your favorite coffee shop in Antigua Guatemala?

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