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Antigua Guatemala, the former capital of Guatemala, is Central America’s most popular tourist destination. Its cobblestone streets and baroque architecture are a delight to travelers.

For a small, walkable city, Antigua packs a large number of restaurants, featuring cuisine from all continents. It also hosts one of the largest, most elaborate and colorful Holy Week celebrations in the world.

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Things To Do In Antigua Guatemala

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There are quite a few fun things to do in Antigua Guatemala, for visitors of all ages. The city has museums, art galleries, interesting architecture, and quite a few outdoor activities, including concerts. If you’re wondering what to do, I recommend you visit our To Do page for suggestions.

If you’ll be in Guatemala for an extended period of time, then Antigua will make a great base for exploration. If you’re in Antigua, Guatemala City is just under an hour away, the Pacific Coast about two hours away, and Lake Atitlan just 2.5 hours via shuttle.

Here, you’ll also be able to book trips to many other destinations in Guatemala, such as the stunning island-city of Flores, from where you can visit the Tikal Mayan pyramids. You can also head to stunning Semuc Champey and are only four hours away from authentic Xela.

Living in Antigua Guatemala

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For a long time, Antigua Guatemala, along with Lake Atitlan, has been a popular retirement destination – especially for expats from North America (U.S. and Canada). As such, it rarely makes the “hottest expat destinations” lists published every year by the overzealous real estate developers.

While it’s true that there are no relative property bargains to be found, it has the advantage of being a relatively easy place to live in if you’re a first-time expat that has yet to get a handle on the Spanish language. Antigua also offers many of the medical conveniences that cheaper, less-developed countries lack. It’s the small things that can often break the will of an expat willing to try their hand at living overseas.

If you’re thinking of checking out Antigua Guatemala as a potential short-term living destination, I recommend you browse through our Living in Guatemala section for inspiration and answers to your questions.

Dining In Antigua Guatemala

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For a small city, Antigua Guatemala has a diverse restaurant scene – great food at very affordable prices for the average tourist. To get an idea of what dining options are available, take a peek at our comprehensive restaurant guide.

If you’re interested in a more cultural experience, then check out our guide to traditional Guatemalan food, which will guide you as you make your way through the numerous street food stalls in town.

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Though the town is a relatively small, there’s always something going on.

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