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Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide 2017


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  • -Newly updated for 2017
  • -Self-guided walks and tours
  • -Restaurant and lodging recommendations
  • -Tips on kids, shopping, entertainment, and cultural activities
  • -Easy-to-read maps for attractions, walks, and churches
  • -Lent and Holy Week schedule for 2017
  • -Rich’s picks for what to see and do
  • -Two formats: PDF for your computer, ePub for iBooks app on Apple’s iPad


Digitally available in ePub (iPad-Ready format) and PDF format, the Antigua Guatemala Tour Guide walks you through the city’s landmarks and points of interest, making the city’s history come alive. Features over 450 pages and more than 200 beautiful pictures of Antigua Guatemala and surrounding communities. Instant download!

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Plan your perfect trip with this Antigua Guatemala guide, as you travel with Rich Polanco as your private tour guide.

With the help of self-guided tours in this book, you’ll explore the best of Antigua and discover its hidden jewels. Enjoy breathtaking views at La Merced Convent, mingle with locals making a pilgrimage to visit Hermano Pedro at San Francisco Church, and explore Mayan culture by visiting nearby authentic Mayan villages. We’ll help you find your personal barista, demystify the fusion of Spanish and Mayan heritage that gave birth to Guatemalan cuisine, and clue you in to what are some of the best restaurants in Central America while sidestepping tourist traps. Learn what you need to know to choose the perfect hotel for your budget and set proper expectations. You’ll discover why Antigua Guatemala is the most popular destination in Guatemala, for tourists and locals alike.

Antigua Guatemala is more than what’s described in a measly chapter of a big-budget guide. You’ll get hundreds of photos and over 400 lovingly written pages about the culture of the city and tips on how to immerse in it entirely. Begin your journey today!

About Author

Rich Polanco is a writer and photographer, spending his time exploring and writing about Central America for the site OkGoTravel and about Antigua Guatemala at OkAntigua. Fluent in Spanish, he’s been exploring Guatemala for the last five years. Rich’s wife, who is Guatemalan, provides invaluable insight into her culture, as does his daughter when it comes to cataloging what’s ‘fun’ or what’s ‘boring’ in her world.


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